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Automated, cloud-hosted testing for API and microservices, in a low-code environment!

REST Guardian - continuous service testing

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Define the tests | simple REST tests

Step 1 is to create a project and quickly define some tests. Here's a simple service test:

$send snakk.json (url="")
$expect (payload.someStats is "456")

Note: snakk.json will call a REST API and process a JSON response. Other flavors are available, like snakk.text or snakk.xml.

This is a simple test, getting a JSON document from a REST API and testing the contents of it.

Continuous testing | forever

Now, to run this test automatically, we have to configure a polling schedule and a deployment detector.

Here's the **polling schedule**:

$when diesel.realm.loaded
=> (env="sandbox", schedule="5 minutes")

These tests run continuously and make it very easy to catch when the actual service implementation diverges from the original requirements...

Detecting changes | new deployments

The deployment detector will detect when new builds are being deployed in an environment:

And here's how we're polling (the **deployment detector**): the page should return a different content every time the server has been updated:

=> diesel.setEnv(env, user=diesel.username)
=> snakk.text (url="")
=>, stamp="specs-"+payload)

This will catch new deployments and run the test suites (stories)...

Notifications | when things go wrong

The last piece of the puzzle is configuring the notifications: what to do when the tests start failing or come back to stable:

$when (realm, env, oldStatus, newStatus, errors, total, report)
=> diesel.mail.send (
    subject = "${errors} / ${total} Guardian errors in "+env + " (" + realm + ")",

If it looks like overkill to write rules to send emails, it's because the rules engine we use can be configured to do a lot more things ;).

If you want to take a refreshing look at microservices requirements, acceptance and truly continuous testing, while fiddling with the architecture itself, start by creating a free account.

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