State Machines Pub

On one beautiful summer eve, a guest arrived:

$msg fsm1.init (id="fsm1")

$expect (status=="init")

$msg fsm1.move (id="fsm1", to="1")

$expect (status=="1")

$msg fsm1.move (id="fsm1", to="2")

$expect (status=="2")

$when fsm1.*(id) => ctx.persisted(kind="fsm1", id=id)

$when fsm1.init(id) => (status="init")

$when fsm1.move(to="2") $if (status=="1") => (status=to)

$when fsm1.move => (status=to)

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By: Razie | 2016-06-27 .. 2019-05-09 | Tags: dsl

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