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Wiki properties can be declared in one of two ways:

.name value


{{name value}}

The dot form has to take an entire line, which starts with the dot and continues with the value. The other form can be embedded in many places inside the page.

If you prefix the name with a . then the property is not visible when looking at the page - which is probably what you want... so you can do value or {{.name value}}.

Here's an example:

.name1 value1 looks like:

{{Property name1=value1}}

..name1 value1 looks like (empty line below, since that's hidden with the second dot):

Special properties

You can use these tags to insert photos, videos etc:

{{img /url}} or {{photo url}} or {{video url}} etc. See Modified Markdown Syntax.


Here's a list of properties, default values and what they do...

{{.noComments:true}} will turn off comments on the respective topic - they are by default on.

{{.noSocial:true}} will turn off displaying the social sharing buttons (twitter, facebook etc) on the respective topic - they are by default on for most categories.

{{.title:Some text}} will use the text title for the web page tile, instead of the default title created using the page name. Don't use misleading titles - you risk a reprimand from the admins.

.layout Play:wiki.layout.div12Plain chose the layout of the page. See the Wiki Layout Guide++.

.http.header.Access-Control-Allow-Origin * you can specify http header properties for this page.

.noTitle false do not print the title for this page

.noBottom true do not print the usual menu and information at the bottom fo the page, for professional looking pages

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