Not just a markdown wiki

Start with a simple wiki and use Markdown to create the content. Use Bootstrap to create good-looking, interactive project sites, easily.

Add mods and dynamic markups for interactive elements, blogs, posts, forums, news feeds, calendars etc.

As used in: | online interactive book on expert skiing

Use tags to organize the project and then search, query and browse very efficiently.

Tag semantic content and browse the entire project website in a different way from what you'd expect, using the semantic browser

Open source: github | JVM project you can embed

Embed in your own JVM application

Runnable wiki engine open sourced on GitHub.

Use markdown to create simple dynamic wikis. Include them in your website, as documentation or help pages etc.

You can use the same engine that powers this website and embed the same content in your offline or firewalled app. Using the API and Javascript clients, you can also embed in Node apps or Angular or others, see Embed the wiki engine.

As used in: notes | creative notes taking app

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