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What are categories?

Each page belongs to a category, which describes what the content in the page is: what to do with it, how to display it and in general its behaviour.

Meta info

Each category can have meta info - defining some of its properties and associations to other categories.

Owners and fans

You can specify if this topic needs an owner and what other roles of users is supports:



You can specify the types of visibility available to pages in this category:


Possible values are:

  • Public available to anyone
  • Private, which are not visible by anyone but the owner
  • Club which are visible to all club (or group) members
  • ClubAdmin - visible only to the owner and the group/club administrator

Like labels

You can change the labels for like/follow, for all pages in this topic:

  • {{label.Like:Like}}
  • {{label.Unlike:Unlike}}


See the Wiki Domain Guide - you can associate categories like so:


The types of roles that are understood are:

  • Child
  • Parent
  • Template
  • Spec
  • SpecFor

You can define your own roles as long as they don't conflict with the reserved roles above.

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