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This is a domain-driven Wiki... what does that mean?


The domain is a set of categories and associations between them.

Let's look at a simple Blog Post association. If you look at Blog you will find this in the meta section:

{{roles:Post:Child}} displayed as {{Has Post(s)}} a blog has posts

This indicates that a Post is a child of a Blog. This is where the domain-driven nature kicks in: all blogs will have the option to create Posts.

If you look at Post, you will notice:

{{roles:Blog:Parent}} displayed as {{Owned by Blog(s)}}

Which simply is the flip side of the same coin, indicating that Blog is a parent for Post.

You will also notice that child categories cannot be created without a parent.

See more in the Wiki Category Guide.


API: this domain is loaded, indexed and available to drive behaviour, inside the engine.

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