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Welcome to the Wiki Reactors... so... what is a wiki reactor?

At the core, it is a plain old wiki: you can create pages with links between them.

The wiki

Each reactor is a wiki and comes with a few special pages:

  • Admin:Home - this is the (public) home page of your website/reactor
  • Admin:UserHome - if you create this topic, it will be the home page for your users, as they log in
  • Admin:Browse - browse page, available from the "Browse" top menu - use it like a sitemap or something like that
  • Reactor:xxx - where xxx is the name of your reactor it is the admin page for the reactor

Each reactor comes with some pre-defined categories (pages must be of one of these category):

  • Category - it's the category for categories
  • Admin - special admin pages
  • Topic - general category for wiki pages
  • ReactorMod - special category for reactor mods - read below on mods

You get new categories by adding reactor mods.

How to use the wiki

Create more pages: form anywhere, click on "Browse" and see the list of categories. Pick a category and create a new page in that category. Then make sure this page is linked to from somewhere so people can navigate to it.

Customize the reactor

Home page

The following special pages are used as the home page:

  • Admin:Home - this is the home page of your website/reactor
  • Admin:UserHome - if you create this topic, it will be the home page for your users... note that to allow users, you need to add the Users mod.

Basically the second one is presented to users that log in to your reactor while the first one is presented to anyone looking at your website without logging in.

Note that Admin:UserHome is not created by default. To create it, click Browse in the top menu, select the "Admin" category and type UserHome in the "create a new" box.

Reactor settings

When you login to you see the list of your reactors - when you select one of these, you will go to the special reactor administration page, only available to you. This is where you can change special settings for your reactor.

If you click "edit" on this special page, find the section named "website" and here are the special settings you can edit - described below.

The look and feel dark/light

You can change that from the setting css which can take the values dark or light.

The layout

There are a few available layouts, read more at Wiki_Layout_Guide.

The bottom links

The links at the bottom of all pages can be customized with a few properties.

The link to your blog, if you have one is blog=

The twitter account, if you have one is bottom.Connect.Twitter=coolscala

If you have a GPlus as well, gplus=xxx

To add new menu entries at the bottom, use bottom.Connect.MyStuff=URL where Connect is the name of the section to display the entry into (there's only More, Support or Connect) and the MyStuff is the text and then the value is the URL or page name to follow.

The top nav menu

You can add to the top nav menu with nav.MyStuff=URL where MyStuff is the text and then the value is the URL or page name to follow.

You can customize the Browse link with nav.Browse=URL.

We only support top level right now - raise a Support request if you want more.

Terms of use

There are a few special pages, with the terms of service, privacy policy and support and these are controlled via these settings (and their default values):

tos=/page/Terms_of_Service privacy=/page/Privacy_Policy support.url=/doe/support

If you need to change them, create some admin pages and use them instead.

The right side

The right side of most layouts is controlled via these settings:

  • rightTop=wiki.Admin:RightTop

You can create some simple pages and set them here to be displayed all the time. This is where you would normally include like a twitter feed, a vertical ad... stuff like that.

The top menu

The default top menu can be changed from

The Wiki domain

Each wiki is driven by a domain - this is what turns a simple wiki into a reactor... the domain defined by its categories.

Read more at the Wiki Domain Guide or the Wiki Layout Guide.

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