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Welcome to the Diesel Academy.

Here are the major components and functional areas of dieselapps:

  • Quick links: Default executors, Expressions and pattern matching and Diesel data model
  • Wikis and DSL - the core component is a fully functional wiki engine, supporting Markdown and extensible with DSL
  • Rules and flows - the core engine - you can generate events and define rules to process these events in an asynchronous engine
  • API Gateway wraps and protects access to the internal rules
  • Integration how to talk to the outside world, via connectors etc
  • Domain modelling - domain modelling, browsing, assets and inventories
  • Continuous testing - continuous testing via the Guardian

You can read the Big Dieselapps Overview and then go through the detailed sections below:

More subjects and articles worth reading:

Message reliability: https://www.infoq.com/articles/no-reliable-messaging - good article.

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