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The "lights" story

Stories (aka user stories or scenarios) are told in terms of input messages (or triggers) and expected messages or values...

On one beautiful summer eve, a guest arrived, so let's send that message:

send::  msg home.guest_arrived  (name="Jane")

Naturally, the lights must have come on and Jane was greeted:

expect::  lights.on
expect::  (lightIntensity is "bright")

expect::  (greeting is "Greetings, Jane")
expect::  chimes.welcome (name is "Jane")

Let's see if John is greeted - he shouldn't be.

send::  msg home.guest_arrived  (name="John")

expect::  (greeting not defined)

The implementation of these rules is in a-lights-spec, check it out!

Play with this: change some values, for instance Jane to Jim and see how things look when there are errors.

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