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Wiki sites are a simple and easy way for anyone to add content to the internet. Wikis are organized in pages or topics. Each topic describes a subject and, most important of all, these topics are all connected or linked, so you can easily navigate related pages.

The biggest wiki of them all is the Wikipedia and almost all other sites on the internet link to the topics described there.


Syntax describes the rules for writing the content for the topics. Each wiki has its own syntax, unfortunately. However, they all share some common ideas:

  • simple text is just typed directly without any special programming
  • some special syntax is required for formatting (i.e. bold text or italics, lists etc)
  • the name or label of the topic becomes the URL of the page as well
  • you reference other pages by their name or label, such as Alpine Ski++
  • special annotations or tags or properties are entered using special syntax like {{loc:s:address}} or [[alias:other page]] etc.

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