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Project configuration.

All these properties are configured inside the main admin topic of the project, which has the name mysite++ and it is accessible if you click on your name and select "Settings" (only project moderators/owners have this option enabled).

Website properties

These are generic properties applicable to your website:

  • name=ski Name
  • reactor=ski the name of this project - must be unique
  • mixins=rk the projects this will inherit from
  • label=EffectiveSkiing Label of the website
  • Domain name
  • url= - URL
  • css=light - default theme: light/dark

Wiki properties:

  • visibility=Public,Member,Basic,Gold,Platinum,Moderator,Private Available visibility options when editing/creating a topic:
  • wvis=Public,Member,Moderator,Private Available wvis (editors) options when editing/creating a topic:
  • default.visibility=Member - Default visibility for new topics -default.wvis=Moderator - Default wvis, i.e. who can edit new topics
  • default.editMode=Draft - default edit mode for new topics (Draft or Silent or Notify).
  • consent=ski.Admin:Ski_Consent - consent/acceptance required when logging into the realm, on top of the RK consent - a topic with the consented text.

Trusted sites - these are allowed in iframe and other such objects. By default, very few websites are trusted, like youtube etc:


These are look and feel properties

  • about=ski.Admin:Memberships - Optional about page
  • Logo logo=
  • meta.fb:admins=xxx FB admin code
  • home=ski.Admin:Home Home page
  • userHome=ski.Admin:UserHome User home page (for logged in users):
  • blog=
  • copyright=Copyright 2018 XX Inc. All Rights Reserved

The links at the bottom of the screen:

  • bottom.Connect.Twitter=effectiveskier twitter link
  • bottom.Connect.Facebook=
  • bottom.Connect.Blog= an empty property will remove that entry
  • tos= the term of service
  • privacy= Privacy Policy
  • bottom.More.hide=yes,please - hide the "More" section

Other page components:

  • footer=rk.Admin:Footer

Notify the followers of this topic, when any page changes:

  • notifyList=ski.Blog:carving-blog


  • msg.noPerm=ski.Admin:no_perm display this topic for errors like "no permission"
  • msg.err.teaserCategories=Session,Topic,Drill,Post,Talk teasers - when such a topic is not visible, show the first paragraph anyways

Users and open websites (and default values):

  • users.openMembership=true true if anyone can create account

  • users.selfInvites=true true if anyone can ask for an invitation to a project

  • users.membersCanCreateTopics=true true if any member can create topics (as opposed to read only)

  • Brand html:

xnav.Brand=<img src="">
navBrand=<div align="center"><a href="/"><span class="coolBlue" style="margin:0px; font-size:16px; font-weight:bold;">Effective<br>Skiing</span></a></div>

Admin email

You can configure the email that will be used to send notifications to your users:

The password must be base64 encrypted.



Navigation menu

You can remove all sections of the user menu:


diesel spec

This is an optional section containing a diesel spec++ of event handlers.


$when rk.user.joined(userName, realm=="ski") =>"Fan", wpath="ski.Blog:carving-blog",userName)
$when rk.user.joined(userName, realm=="ski") =>"Guest", wpath="ski.School:Carving_School",userName)

$when rk.user.joined(userName, realm) => ctx.log(userName,realm)

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